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Established 4 generations ago as a small holder, family owned commercial coffee farming, Belantih refocused it’s vision with one of the sons “Wayan Tunas Wijaya” to improve quality and create a specialty coffee offering while retaining the roots and culture of the past through implementation of new techniques and best practices aimed at growth and sustainability.


Belantih Estate aims to revitalize the Kintamani coffee industry through human empowerment, collaboration and quality.

Belantih expanded as a Coffee Hub, Coffee research and educational center with Paddle & Brew Coffee Academy in 2019. The aim is to serve the local community, international coffee markets and offer new infrastructure to host CQI Quality Processing professional course, SCA certifications and trips to origin.

The project was initiated to improve coffee quality and creating alternatives for social and economical development for the region, and serve as a model for others. This is also a platform accessible to all to learn at the origin.

Social & Economic Sustainability

The growth is measured based on the ability to improve farmers and community lifestyles in Kintamani more than the growth of the company itself through the improvement of coffee quality with all the actors of the coffee value chain. 

Social transformation is based on the value of human capital over financial capital. With the added value to human dignity and education, our aim is to grow with social responsibility at the core.

Our common objective is to create an effective direct trade model, one that involves coffee pickers, farmers, roasters and all the other actors of the coffee value chain.


Belantih Coffee Estate also offers multi-crop programs with Oranges, Avocados, Peanuts, and other fruits and vegetables to create sustainability all year long. 


We focus on 100% Organic farming practices including compost from recycled coffee pulp and mucilage.


Belantih Coffee Estate and Paddle Brew partnered on education, processing, research and roasting to grow jointly while supporting the community with a common intent of improving quality and access to international markets.

This multicultural collaboration is founded on mutual respect and a common appreciation for coffee for all the actors of the coffee value chain.

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