Paddle Brew Education Lab is recent addition to Indonesian coffee farm and processing facility.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The shared standards of quality have been translated into a world class coffee academy situated in the highlands of Bali.

In July 2019, Paddle and Brew and Belantih Estate hosted eleven students for a CQI “Q Processing Professional” (QP2) course at the new coffee lab. According to Nick Rozental, trainer/founder of Paddle & Brew Coffee Academy setting up and organizing this QP2 was an amazing experience. He and Wayan Wijaya, the coffee producer/owner of Belantih Estate collaborates to build the cupping lab, classroom and getting up to CQI standards in just 45 days. Rozental and Wijaya took this opportunity for growth and managed to have fun during the process.

The common goal of this collaboration is to support the community by creating alternatives for social and economic development, and improving quality with a direct trade model that includes education for all actors of the coffee value chain. They believed that coffee quality is about people, proud farmers that can execute better processes together with education.

The coffee cupping lab is located on Belantih Estate with dry and wet mill on the highlands of Kintamani in Bali, Indonesia at 1300 asl. It spread over 25 hectares and produces some of the highest quality arabica beans and processing. And it was also completed along with a dining area. The investment in infrastructure will be utilized as part of the everyday production activities at the facility, adding value for more than cupping events.

Checkout the full story from the CQI website here :

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