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Incubation room | Post-Harvest innovation for research.

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We know that post-harvest processes yields more consistent results when conducted in controlled environments. Being able to manage lower, higher or even just consistent patterns of temperatures are difficult due to weather changes and constant climate change.

In order to conduct research and better define optimum temperatures, we are building a controlled environment that we call "The Incubation Room".

This room will attempt to replicate temperature from the farm and allow for experiments at sea level in Kerobokan, Bali, thus facilitating our access to control and monitor evolution.

In addition to studying the temperature effects, we are planning on studying microbial effects on processing with a goal of improving coffee quality and consistency for Bali post-harvest. We will experiment with lactic bacteria, yeast cultures, and starters to improve crop quality through innovation.

The end goal is data we can study to create best practices that can be scaled to help producers create a higher value for their crop. Consistency over intensity to improve quality and the social economic situation, giving hope that coffee farming can have a positive future. We are excited to embark on this experimental phase in hope to yield positive results.

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