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"Improving quality through research and innovation by implementing technology and collaboration with experts."

processing steps


hand selected and graded picking

Dedicated team of pickers, trained and certified by Paddle Brew to harvest predefined lots. Each batch is monitored and graded for maturation %, brix content, weight and location traceability.


custom experimental cold room for incubation

Simulation of farm climatic condition with data recording and alarm setting for controlled environment. Temperature is key.


fermentation backed by data and control

We control the fermentation of each experiment through the monitoring of parameters. This allows us to track and curve results and match it to cupping results. PH | Temperature | Pressure | Brix


bioreactor for production of yeast and microbial starter

The possibilities are infinite but not all of them work. Our goal is to improve quality in a consistent manner and reduce risk.


drying consistency and control

Modular drying green systems build to adapt to weather climatic condition changes. Wireless control of temperature and humidity with automatic ventilation activation. Monitoring of variances and curving the changes with Cropster sensors. The goal is to limit uneven drying and reducing labor.


quality control of each batch for sensorial evaluation

SCA & COE QC Cupping completed through blind cupping for accurate data, All sessions completed using Cropster Cup to allow multi users from different locations, and storing all data on the cloud. 

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