"Experience coffee from crop to cup | Be a coffee farmer for a day and immerse yourself in the coffee value chain."



Do you want a unique, authentic Balinese experience that supports coffee communities, and become part of the coffee value chain?


Join us and participate in the tasks of growing and processing exceptional coffees. 

You will spend the day on the coffee farm and actively participate in the daily activities required to grow and process coffee, learn to grade, cup and prepare the black gold we call coffee.. You will become a part of the coffee value chain through your help. 



Caring for the seedlings in the nursery

Harvest ripe coffee cherries

Greenhouse moisture check and parchment racking

Hulling sample parchment for quality control

Grading green coffee to remove defects

Planting your own coffee tree



Basic cupping and sensory - 3 processes (Washed, Honey, Natural)

Basic brewing - V60 filter coffee

Basic green grading - Hand sorting for quality



Snack, Lunch and coffee

Transport to & from Seminyak



Experience firsthand the day to day work involved in coffee harvesting

Learn about different aspects of the coffee supply chain

Experience first hand about all aspects of processing!

Local meal with organic farm products

Harvest cherries

Cupping the same coffee processed 3 different ways

Sensory fun game about coffee aromas



Minimum 3 people

June - September

Check out the calendar for the next trip dates (Click here)

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