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We are excited to introduce you to our new collaborator who will help and contribute to our research and production in Bali.

Andres Felipe Ospina Ramirez joins us from Colombia where he is a producer, processor, CQI instructor and exporter. He also conducts research on coffee post harvest processing and coffee variety.

Felipe believes specialty coffee can help thousands of small farmers around the world to have a better future. He stated that "Education and research at the farm level in fundamental aspects as quality control and diversification of cupping profiles will help them to overcome poverty and to become important players in the global industry.”

His research and experiments have led to better cup quality, consistency and best practices for the coffee industry in Colombia, from best practices and protocols for Natural, Honey and Wash process to environmentally friendly systems and eco-friendly productions “science should contribute to bring balance between human progress and where we live” he said.

The farm “La Casa Blanca” is Felipe’s pride and joy, an amazing farm, cupping lab and research facility that is accessible and build at the community level. A place where knowledge and science are indented to make a change to overcome poverty through education.

Felipe runs several farms, mills and processing facilities in Colombia and Costa Rica. He spends most of his time between Asia, Central America and Africa. Always on the go and looking for ways to improve quality and source exceptional coffee.

This collaboration will focus on post harvest processing experiments, and data analysis in our facility in Kerobokan, Bali. Felipe was with us last year teaching a Q processing course and hope to return shortly to check on progress and hold other courses.

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