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"The search"

"THE SEARCH" Coffee Trip is an "Out of the box" project

The search is directly linked to our philosophy and represents who we are. We are off to explore, discover, and meet extraordinary people, new coffees, processes, and origins to bridge quality to reality.

It's always an adventure, good friends and a chance to go places we would not think of going to. It's also an opportunity to learn from others and share experiences and knowledge.

Every coffee represents the terroir and the people harvesting and processing it. With each story we discover new joy through the brew and we let ourselves travel through it. This is about a connection between all the actors of the coffee value chain, where everyone benefits. This is what we consider a true representation of specialty coffee.

2022 will take us to Central America. We are stoked about taking Paddle Brew on the road, a little teaching, lots of mud, sourcing new coffees, creating experimental processes, providing help where we can, and mostly meeting new people and building new relationships because coffee connects people ...

Give Back Actions We hope to create better access to market, provide free consulting, sharing and connecting the producers to the consumers to open up new roads to sustainability.

Joining us this year is Renato Masseli from Bruu Coffee Roasters in Guatemala, a great buddy that has worked closely with smallholder farmers and producers around Guatemala to share roasting skills and sensory evaluations. We love his work and dedication to quality and can't wait to catch up and venture off to the mountains.

Stay tuned as we'll try to connect daily with updates, knowledge sharing, and some of our goofy experience when overcaffeinated. Our appreciation of coffee start with the people who pick, process, roast and brew, the rest is for the world to enjoy.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua ... The Search continue

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